Welcome to Supafly Kennels daycare, which is ideal for people who need to work or have an out-of-hours commitment and have no one to leave their dog with. Daycare is available every day of the week. We provide food, toys and all the comfort your dog needs.


We take care of your dogs so that they stay supafly,from clipped nails to clean ears,trimming to your likings everything they need to make them feel clean and smell good.


Sometimes, you get called away because of work or other obligations and there’s no one around to watch your dog in the comfort of home.

When this happens, you can count on us. 


Feel free to come check out our American bully’s!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my dog stay?

Your dog will stay in a 5×5 indoor space that also has access to a 20ft long x 5ft wide space outside for them to take care of business.

Will my dog be around other dogs?

Only if the dog is friendly and if the owner wants him to.

Will my dog be walked or have play time?

It all depends on the owner of the dog if they want to have there dogs have some play time they have 1/2 an acre to run around and play.
There is a extra charge for walking the dog and for play time.

Do you guys have food for the dogs or beds and sheets?

Yes we have everything we give our dogs victors food we have beds and sheets to keep them comfy while they stay with us.

What type of breeding do you guys do?

We breed only American Bullys micro and pocket and we are also going to be breeding French bulldogs soon.